Methods to Fix Wifi Issues After iOS 6.1.2 Update

The iPhone 4s and 5 have seen their fair share of bugs after each IOS upgrade, and Apple never seems to get it completely right. The entourage of buggy iOS updates seems to have no bounds and now with the recent upgrade to iOS 6.1.2, we couldn’t be anymore surprised when we learned of a new wifi bug that comes along with it. Essentially the wifi data exchange feature ceases to work for a majority of users who upgrade to the iOS 6.1.2, and yes there is a fix to it, but aren’t iPhone’s users tired of fixes with every upcoming update? Setting aside Apple’s incompetence, let’s take a look into how we can amend the WiFi bug for the iOS 6.1.2 upgrade!

Fixing the discrepancy

The easiest and surefire method of fixing the WiFi issue is to reset all your network settings which effectively gets rid of any problems that you may face. However do bear in mind that by wiping out your network settings you are also deleting all previous network data and settings that you may have had, such as the WPA password.

To reset your network settings you must do the following:

Turn your device on, and go to the general settings panel. Scroll down and you should be able to locate a reset option, select the reset option and you should further see a Reset Network Settings option as well. Select the Reset Networking Settings option and wait for the process to complete. Once completed the WiFi bug will be fixed and your device should be working smoothly!

Another Method:

If you had updated your phone using OTA update and the wifi problem occurred then we suggest you to restore back to previous version of iOS 6.1.2 with the help of iTunes.

Note :

If both the above methods will not work for you then we suggest you to take your phone to the Apple’s technician nearby your home as soon as possible.

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