LG Added Tablet PC and Optimus Phones

LG made an announcement this week about its upcoming product of this year. First outcome in the tablet market is an Android-based tablet PC. There is a twist the specifications is not revealed yet, but they finally decided to launch the tablet in Q4 of this year.

More phones from Optimus range from LG will also be added in the equation. Optimus series will have three more new Android 2.2 devices, which they named Optimus One, Optimus Chic and Optimus Z (LG-SU950/KU9500). Optimus One will have services related to Google, Optimus Chic will be loaded with entry-level Android crowd and last but not least Optimus Z feature will include TI OMAP3630 CPU.

  • 3.8-inch display with shoot HD videos
  • HDMI-out

LG is also looking forward for the Windows Phone 7 device launch expecting by end of this year.

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