The Nokia Lumia 920 Yellow Is In A Class By Itself

The Nokia Lumia 920 Yellow is one of many of the smart phones that are on the market, but it has some exciting and powerful features that help to make this stylish, high-end, and modern device extremely popular amongst mobile phone users. In fact, the manufacturer of this phone had a wait list for 3 million of these phones before the phone was even launched. For a mobile phone to be this popular before it is released to the public can only mean one thing, there is more to this mobile device than it appears.

Nokia Lumia 920 Yellow

One Reason Why the Nokia Lumia 920 Yellow Is So Popular

You can immediately tell there is something different about this phone when you hold it in the palm of your hand. It actually feels different from the other smart phones for sale. The other phones may look good, but this phone feels good. Many prospective buyers had the opportunity to experience the difference in some local mobile phone shops. This may be one reason why Nokia had over 3 million phone orders waiting to be filled before the release date.

The Available Colour Choices of the Lumia 920 Yellow

This Nokia phone comes available in the standard colours of white, black, yellow, grey, and red. Mobile phone users have agreed that these colours are the most soothing, and these are the colours that are the most requested. These colour choices do have significant meanings depending on which mobile phone user you ask.

  • Black – generally requested by business professionals and executives
  • White – generally requested by teenagers and younger adults
  • Red – more frequently requested by women
  • Yellow –  more elderly users request this colour
  • Gray  – generally requested by those looking for something different

The Technical Specifications of the Lumia 920 Yellow

This phone weighs slightly more and it is a little bigger than other Lumia models. The increase in weight does not cause any problems for the users whilst they are handing the phone. The flatness of the top and bottom exteriors helps to make it a compact phone despite its size.

When it comes to technology, this phone has some of the best features. It operates on Windows 8, and it has a 105GHz processor that is dual core. The Windows phone can also hold an impressive amount of files in the 32GB of internal memory storage. The touch screen measures at 114 mm with an LCD backdrop. The capacitive screen is adequately protected by Gorilla Glass.

The Nokia Lumia 920 Yellow Is Redefining the Market

This phone has elevated the standards to which all future smart phones should follow. Even the battery power packed in the phone is impressive. The battery is a Li-Ion 2000 mAH battery, but the battery is charged wirelessly. There is a charging pad that is included with the phone when it is purchased, and the phone is simply placed on the pad when the battery is running low. This pad can be placed anywhere, and unlike other mobile phones, you cannot use the phone whilst it is charging.

The Nokia Lumia 920 Yellow is one of the better phones on the market, if not the best phone.

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