Update Gives Boosts To Nokia 6700 Classic, Free Voice Guided Navigation

There is a new update for Nokia 6700 classic and many improvements as well. There is some free voice guided navigation came out from the Nokia end and the navigation is for Nokia Symbians phones. On the other hand GPS-enabled S40 phones were not added to the equation.

There is a built-in GPS in new Nokia 6700 classic but if you want to use it for SatNav you have to pay additional amount for it Software update is also available sw13.10, now with the help of your new Nokia 6700 classic phone you can enjoy the free voice guided navigation.

The update also includes improvements. Users also using the Nokia 6700 as a navigator and there is a 5MP built-in camera increases the excitement. The specifications of the camera include autofocus and auto-rotation.

The update gives boost to Nokia 6700 classic, overall progress of the Nokia 6700 improves including Bluetooth.

Visit the official Nokia site for the download. You can download the update it is available now around the world, except.

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