How to Root Samsung Infuse 4g

Let’s gather up for another rooting process for the one of the smartphone leader ‘Samsung‘. First we summarize some about rooting then will go for Samsung Infuse rooting:

What is Rooting

Rooting is like gaining access to the full potentials of your smart phone device. Think of it like this, while you are on your desktop computer logged into a guest account, you have many restrictions put on you. Certain tasks are undoable, many programs have restrictions on them and you are constrained over all. Rooting literally breaks these shackles as to giving you complete and utter control of the phone that you choose to root.

Root Samsung Infuse

FAQ’s about rooting!

Rooting is process which is not recommended by smart phone manufactures, thus when you root a phone your warranty will hence become void. However the fact remains that if you were to UN-root the phone your warranty can be regained.

If your phone has gone through a firmware update and your root has been wiped clean, fret not. Updated phones usually require the same method of rooting as the previous version; however do make sure with online forum consultants for different methods before rooting your updated phone again.

Rooting does not make any differences to the hardware of your phone, your battery life, processor power and storage capacity will stay the same. The chance of losing any data whilst rooting is very minimal and such cases virtually never arise.

Now we will explain to you the method of rooting the Samsung Infuse, bear in mind that any malfunctions or difficulties with your phone during or after the rooting process are not our responsibility. Rooting is done at your own risk, and must be kept that way.

Rooting the Samsung Infuse!

Before we can get into the actual rooting process you must make sure that you have the actual Samsung drivers installed in your Samsung Infuse. Secondly you must go to settings > applications > development and then enable USB debugging. After you are done with that connect your Samsung Infuse to your computer and allow the drivers to be configured, this usually takes around two to three minutes.

After you are done with this, you should be glad to know of a very powerful rooting utility known as Gingersnap root utility. Download this utility to your computer, and unzip to anywhere in your computer. After which connect your phone to your computer whilst being in debugging mode and hit go!

Now here comes the hard part and where you must pay close attention, while making sure your smart phone is in stay awake and debugging mode download and extract it directly to your C:\ drive.

Once done with this, open the command prompt which can be opened by hitting the windows key and “R” at the same time. Whilst in the command prompt you must execute the following commands, “cd C:\Infuse_root”. Upon entering these commands you will see a list of the connected devices, if you however do not see this, this means your phone is not connected.

You can’t gain access to the phones internal command by using the adb shell command. This is authenticated by a “$” prompt. Once you are done with this, it is time to begin your Gingersnap exploit.

Once the commands are executed and you see your phone is connected, in the command prompt you must execute the following command, /data/local/GingerBreak. If the exploit is a success you will see it end with “[!] dance forever my only one”. In case your phone has hanged or not responding, take out the battery and do the root all over again. Once your exploit is completed, your command prompt will look something like “#”. After which you will continue on with your shell script and thus reboot your phone. Once your phone is rebooted, your root is done!

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