How To Set Up Email In Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 certainly brought Samsung as one of the leading mobile phone companies these days. It is among the hottest mobile devices available on the market with its magnificent design along with outstanding features that really rocks.

Being one of the best smartphone these days, this device comes with a very powerful quad core processor and lovely screen and tons of wondrous functions. However, all of the coolest features are off by default so it is best to explore the device so that you can get the most out of it. There are many things that can be done with this phone such as setting up the scheduler or the email. It is one of the most important functions that you should get configured in your Samsung Galaxy S3 so it pays a lot how to do it.

Samsung S3

Basic email set up for Samsung S3

The Basics – IMAP and POP Email Setup

Setting up IMAP and POP email accounts is very easy with the Samsung Galaxy S3. Though it may seem like a daunting task most especially if you are not that familiar with smartphones, these detailed steps can be your best guide.

•    Go to the home screen and tap the Menu button> Settings and then Add account> Email
•    Choose the type of account that you wish to set up. In case you do not see the type of account, go for “Others”
•    Enter the email address as well as the password that you wish to use for the account and then, tap “Next”
•    Your phone will then carry out the process in case the sever settings for email are available. But when the settings are not loaded automatically, you will have to go through the Manual setup process which is detailed in the following steps
•    Choose the email account type that you wish to set up. Your options can be IMAP, Microsoft Exchange Active Sync, or POP3 account. The former account type or the POP3 is the most popular type
•    Encode the server settings which include the user name or email, password, security type, POP3 server, Port number. You should also choose from the options from the delete email from server portion. Tap the Next button
•    The phone will try to connect to the server using the settings you have provided. In case of failure, you will be directed to the Edit details portion so that you can try again and confirm the settings you have given. In case of successful connection, you will be routed to the Outgoing server settings portion where you should key in the outgoing settings. These things include the security type, SMTP server, sign in or user name and password. Tap Next
•    After all these, you will be requested to name the account using a screen name of your chose. You may enter your name or any other name. Tap the Done button in order to finish the entire process
•    Choose the type of account to sync with other accounts or choose Done with the accounts

Set up email in S3

Email account settings for Samsung S3

Editing Email Account Settings

If you wish to edit your email account settings in your Samsung Galaxy S3, it is best to follow the following steps:

•    Go to the Home screen and proceed with the following: Menu>Settings>Email> Settings
•    The Settings can also be accessed by going through Apps> Email> Menu> Settings
•    Touch the account name under your added accounts and look for the options that you wish to edit. The settings may be different from the account type that you are using.
All you need to do is to look at the settings and see which one you need to configure or maintain. In this way, you can maximize your usage of the Samsung Galaxy S3 scheduler.

Samsung S3 Terms

Samsung S3 common terms

Terms to Remember

As you set and edit your email or scheduler account in your Samsung Galaxy S3, you will encounter terms that might not be familiar with you. So, it is best to learn what these terms stands for.  Here are some of them:

•    Account name – This refers to the display name of the account
•    Signature – If activated, the phone will automatically attach your signature to all the outgoing messages for a particular account. Tap the “Signature” option to create or edit the signature that will come along the message.
•    Name – This is the name that is displayed in the form portion of all outgoing emails
•    Default account – It should be the default account for sending outgoing emails
•    Forward attachment – This setting enables you to keep all attachments when forwarding emails
•    Bcc myself/Always Cc – This setting lets you add the email address that you are using in either the Bcc or Cc field
•    Recent messages – It lets you select the number of recent emails the device should download
•    Sync schedule – This lets you select the peak hours and days or set the interval where emails should be synchronized.
•    Select ringtone – With this, users can choose or assign a particular ringtone when an account receives new emails

Along with these are tons of other settings that you should get familiar with so that you can make the most use out of your phone’s email feature.

Removing email account from samsung s4

Removing an email account

How to Remove an Email Account

Part of the setting up process is the removal of certain email accounts in some cases. This process is very easy to accomplish by following these steps:
•    Go to Menu> Settings> Email and choose the account name you wish to remove
•    Tap “Remove account”
•    Confirm that you really wish to delete a particular account by tapping Remove account once more.

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With all the information above, you can definitely set up scheduler or email on your Samsung Galaxy S3 device. To continue using such features for long, it is also advisable to protect your Samsung galaxy s3 device with screen protectors and cases that can be bought from stores various online stores.

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