Samsung Galaxy S3 Price in India, Release Date, Specs and Review

Samsung Galaxy S3 Review – Samsung seems to be pulling out the big guns with their next installment. In 2012 Samsung will be releasing the Samsung Galaxy S3 much to the approval of their enormous audience and customers. However will this phone keep up with the next generation of smart phones? Let’s take a look at this behemoth of a phone and work out how it measures up on the smart phone arena.

In retrospect to the Samsung Galaxy S3’s predecessors the new processor being incorporated within the workings of this phone is going to be an amazing work of art. A 2.0 GHZ Quad-core processor that will out-rival the processing speed of every smart phone that has been made up to this date. The processor is coupled with a supply of 1.5 GB of RAM. In some views the addition of such hardware into such a small package may look a little desperate on Samsung’s part, but in reality this can be the building blocks to something very innovative and different. In regards to the screen, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has an upgraded size which maxes out to 4.65 inch screen which works on a super AMOLED display with a resolution at 1280×1024. This makes the Samsung Galaxy S3 to have achieved the highest resolution volume as of now. The camera being allocated within the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be of 12 MP as per sources intuition. All of this insane amount of technology will be housed inside a 9mm inch thick body. The battery allocation will be of 2250 mAh to support all the hardware inside this tiny powerhouse. Such a battery comes as no surprise; we’re talking about a Quad-core processor and a 12 MP camera to boot. That enough for any phone to have the battery stocking up to the max. For now all we can do is wait and watch until this gargantuan like smart phone is released as we watch in awe at its splendor.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Specifications:

  • Operating System: Android(Next Version)
  • Processor(CPU): 2.0 GHZ Quad-core processor
  • RAM: 1.5 GB
  • Camera: 12-megapixel dual camera
  • Display: 4.65 inch AMOLED Touchscreen Display with 1280×1024 pixel resolution

Samsung Galaxy S3 Price in India:

The price estimate for this phone stands at around approximately 35,000 Indian rupees.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date: Early 2012 (confirmed date will be updated as soon as it will announce).

Final Thoughts:

For now all that’s left for us to do is wait and watch as the smart phone arena grows into a much larger foothold. Smart phones will be receiving insane amounts of boosts such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 in regard to the Samsung Galaxy S2. 2012 will be a year to look out for in the smart phone race for dominance.

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