Samsung Galaxy S4 Demo Videos Leaked

With the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S IV just hours away, the internet is abuzz with leaks and videos depicting the phone that will be on display at today’s event. The Samsung Galaxy S IV has an absurd amount of hype backed up behind it as everyone of Samsung’s fans and customers are expecting a grand entry into Samsung’s lineup of already impressive smartphones.

The video leaks depict certain features that will be incorporated in the Samsung Galaxy S IV such as the floating touch feature. Floating Touch literally means what it says, you can operate the phone without actually having to touch it. A familiar piece of technology is available in the Samsung Note II where it requires a stylus pen hovering above its screen. The phone will detect any finger movement over its screen by itself. This is a great feature considering finger marks are what taint most smartphone screens these days.

Another innovative feature being introduced in the Samsung Galaxy S IV is the Smart Eye tracking system. If you are watching a movie and your eyes wander off, catching the attention of something else, the tracking system will detect and pause the movie.

Having said that, we cannot wait for the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S IV considering all these aspects that have come to light, and the surprises that are yet still in store. However the question still remains, will the Samsung Galaxy S IV be enough to topple Apple from its number one spot in the smartphone industry? I would say it is highly likely that would occur, yet only time will tell what will take place in the coming months.

Here’s the leaked demo videos:

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