Crossover Cables – Advantages of Crossover Cables

Crossover cables are network cables for ethernet ports which can connect two similar devices to one another. Crossover cables have a lot of purposes and advantages. One such purpose can be if two people want to share files using two different laptops without an internet connection, they can connect their laptops using a crossover cable. Crossover cables are used in abundance by many people due to how inexpensive they are and how easily they get the job done. Offices which frown upon the usage of internet because it may divert an employee’s attention can use crossover cable networking to provide network office to the entire building without having to connect to the internet.

Crossover cables can be made as well if you understand how color coding works when inserting the wires into the ethernet connector. If you however don’t know how to make your own crossover cable you can always buy them from hardware and computer shops. Crossover cables are easy to use and implement into an office or school as well. All you need is crossover cables, some switches and hubs and that is it! The only downside to cross over cables is that you can’t connect different devices to another using crossover cables, hence you can’t connect to the internet. However crossover cables serve their intended purpose well and we should now discuss the advantages of using crossover cables.

Crossover Cables

Crossover Cables

Not dependent on internet

To create a network using a crossover cable you do not need to be connected to the internet. This is a great incentive considering that many of the other types of ethernet cables such as straight cables require a stable internet connection to connect two similar devices to one another. All you have to do is connect the two connectors of the crossover cable into the ethernet ports of the two different devices. This will create a network between two devices and you can readily share and download files from one another.

Easy to use and inexpensive

Crossover cables are very easy to set up in comparison to other types of networking cables. Suppose you want to connect an entire building of devices together, all you need to do is link up two hubs using a crossover cable which can then distribute the network to other various devices using any type of cable. This basically means that crossover cables do not require any prolonged installations and can be done by anyone with a basic grasp of networking.

Crossover cables are cheap and easy to get as well. In comparison to other cables a crossover cable is much more inexpensive. However because they serve different purposes it is pointless to compare a crossover cable to a patch cable or straight cable. You can provide network access to an entire office building or school floor without denting your wallet at all.


The incentives of using a crossover cable in specific settings are much greater than using any other types of cables. Crossover cables serve their purpose well and are also very easy to acquire!

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