History Of Computer Network

The invention and evolution of the computer networks bring revolution in the field of telecommunication. There are several reasons of the great success of computer networks, but one of the major factors that play a vital role in the development of computer networks is the growth of the internet. During the last decades of the 20th century, the internet was introduced, and soon after its invention, it becomes a major tool of communication all over the world. The computer networks also show its dominance on the other type of telecommunication which caused conversion of other networks on the computer networks. It was the time when the internet connectivity depends on the telephone communication, but the things are changed, and now computer network is dominating the telephone networks itself. 

Multi Terminal System

During the 60s the computer processors become cheaper, and available at an affordable cost. This development becomes the cause of boosting the multi terminal system among the various organizations. This is also considered as the prototype of the first computer network. This is the system where several users from their own terminal can communicate with the main computer. This means a single computer was shared by many users.

Wide Area Networks (WAN)

The emergence of wide area network provides the chance for the users to operate and share a single computer from the distance of a thousand miles. This remote access was provided through modem which is a communication device and becomes the basis of the WAN. Because of the wide area networks, it becomes possible for the users exchange data in automatic mode.

Local Area Network (LAN)

During the 70s we have experienced the rise of local area network, which then becomes an ultimate cause of dominance of the computer networks. When the LSI devices are invented, the minicomputers are manufactured which then replaces the large sized computers. Because of this technological development, the computers and computer network becomes available for small companies too.

 Since the mid 90s, the internet becomes available and affordable for most of the computer users, and within few years companies start using this great invention as a communication tool to transfer and receive the data electronically. Actually the computer network technology evolved in a completely new shape what we are experiencing today. The internet protocol (IP) was replaced for WAN and LAN technologies. Today millions of computers are connected to the internet, and the computer network now depends largely on the internet protocol instead of WAN and LAN technologies. It has been revealed that the evolution of computer networks is a continuous process, and in future we can experience many new inventions. As the reliability on the internet is increased, the legalization of the computer networks also takes place all over the world, and we have cyber laws enforced in most of the countries today. With the rise of the social media, the computer networks took a new twist, and people all over the world are now more connected with each other than ever before.

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