What is a 3G Network? Extensive Detail About 3G Networks

The 3G network is a wireless network which provides high speed internet to cellular devices. It is called the 3G network because it is of the third generation of cellular internet providers. Edge is 3G’s predecessor and the 3G network is much superior to Edge. 3G networks provide a much better experience when it comes to accessing the internet through your smartphone. The maximum download rate one can achieve on a 3G network is 14.4 megabits, and uploading speeds can go up to 5.8 megabits. This is a drastic increase from the previous 2G network which allowed only 1 megabit downloads and barely any uploading capabilities. The 3G network had been under development by the International Telecommunication Union for almost 15 years until it was finally released in 2001.

3G Network

3G Network

A common misunderstanding about the 3G network is made when it is compared with the Wifi network. A wifi network is short ranged and works to provide internet access to all devices, however the 3G network covers a wide area and works on providing internet access to cellular devices. 3G networks also increase calling quality and reception! Whether you are stationary or moving does not make a difference anymore to your reception quality. That is the why 3G network was met with so much success and admiration.

The first 3G networks were seen in Japan and South Korea way back in 2001 when they finally begin rolling out the 3G experience to the public. British telecom and American cellular providers also provided 3G networking shortly after. The main problem at the time was that the 3G network functioned on a completely different main frame then the 2G network. This resulted in a mass rework of networking for many cellular companies. That is also why it took a lot of time to get 3G networks into heavily populated countries such as China.

Another setback with the 3G network is the high cost of being able to maintain such a network. This made for very large package prices to the public, so by 2007 as phones and cellular service began to get much more expensive, the 3G network saw a downsizing in some countries. Other countries such as Pakistan have yet to implement a 3G network considering that they have lacked the technological advancement to stay on par with countries such as Japan and South Korea.

3G however has offered a great amount of service in a number of areas and gave rise to new technology such as the Smart Tv! Connecting your TV with 3G networks allows for a much better experience rather than using it on your wifi connection. Video conferencing quality greatly increased with the introduction of 3G networking as well. All in all the service has proven to be of great use to the needs of today’s and has had a great run over the last decade. As 4G is now the name of the game we can’t forget how the 3G network changed the face of cellular data transmission for good!

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