What is Wifi TV? – Pros and Cons of the WiFi-TV

As the age of improving technology continues mankind is finding more optimal methods of entertaining themselves. Wires have become a ghost of the past and technologies such as WiMax and WiFi have taken their place! Another great example of new technology is the WiFi Tv, which incorporates three different technologies into one bundle! This vast spread of many technologies into one product is a great marketing tool as one considering they are now selling to a much larger consumer base. The WiFi-TV packs a huge punch when it comes to offering new and improved options to consumers such as; internet bandwidth allocation, TV quality adjustments, resolution tweaks, as well as contrast ratio scaling. Not only can you watch TV on a WiFi TV but you can enjoy popular podcasts or even record videos yourself! Let us now indulge in the pros and cons of the WiFi-TV!


Wifi TV

WiFi-TV Variety

Before we can actually discuss the pros and cons of WiFi-TV’s we first have to understand what they are and how they are different from each other! Several companies today such as Apple and Samsung are actively marketing and selling WiFi-TV’s. Thus the specifications of each of these different types of WiFi-Tv’s vary. The display unit is usually one of the following three types, LED, LCD or Plasma screen. As of right now the most popular choice of customers is the LED display due to its sharp image quality, the Plasma screen has been under scrutiny recently for having a short life span. WiFi-TV’s differ in contrast ratios depending on the overall size of the screen. Samsung WiFi-TV’s can run most Google Play Store apps and games such as Angry Birds and Apple WiFi-TV’s use apps from the Apple store!

Wifi-TV Pros

The great thing about using a WiFi-TV is that you won’t have to deal with anymore signal reception issues. This is mostly because of the great WiFi and WiMax technologies that can transfer data at very high speeds. Using a WiFi-TV will allow you to use many other things such as Facebook and Youtube without a computer. The options one has while using WiFi-TV have greatly risen in comparison to a traditional TV. One of the things I myself like about the WiFi-TV is that I no longer have to deal with large bundles of wires and cables, all u need to do is plug in one power cord and you’re ready to go!

WiFI-TV Cons:

The WiFi-TV isn’t really a popular trend in the more elder consumer base considering that they like the more old fashioned method better than this new and complicated one! When using a WiFi-TV you have to make sure that your WiFi connection is steady and unhindered, any ping breaks will cause a disruptive experience. The WiFi signal emitter has to be in a close vicinity to the WiFi TV for optimal signal reception, this may reduce the amount of places you can mount or place your WiFi-TV!


The WiFi-TV is a great piece of technology which merges many other technologies into one entertainment unit. Techie enthusiasts should be quick to get their hands on a WiFi TV as soon as possible!

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