Why Companies Need Network Security

For any company to be successful, it needs to take care of its customers. After all, the thing that builds a good brand more than anything else is trust. This trust becomes important when customers must give you sensitive information with, safe in the knowledge that they can rely on you to keep it secure. But this kind of knowledge is only borne out of good experiences. So needless to say, if you betray your customers’ trust, it takes an awful lot to rebuild it, and the chances are they will only turn to someone else for the service they require. Of course, no company would intentionally let something happen that would harm it’s customers in any way. But sometimes you just cannot avoid it.

Network security breaches are worryingly common occurrences, and they can be incredibly serious if they are not dealt with correctly. When someone hacks into your network, they can gain any information that they want from your company, including sensitive information, passwords, and any of your customers’ information to which you have access.

Cyber Attacks: They Happen to the Best of Us

You may think that your company is safe from a cyber attack, but it is something that can really happen to anyone – whether it is just one person on the internet, or an entire network for a government agency. In fact, in the last few years alone some of the biggest companies have fallen victim to cyber attacks. Among them were government departments such as the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Environmental Protection Agency. Also hacked were companies such as Yahoo and LinkedIn. Hackers have no patterns, no rhyme or reason, they can make any attack, at any time.

Common Kinds of Cyber Attack

There are many different methods that hackers will use to get into your system. The most common for companies with larger networks are denial-of-service attacks, zero-day attacks, and advanced targeted attacks. These are the kind of attacks that can shut down whole networks, and cost a lot of time and money trying to rectify. Advanced targeted attacks are common for people who hold higher positions in larger companies, so that more high-level confidential information can be obtained.

What to Do

The facts are simple. If you have a large network, a traditional security system is not enough. Most security software is simply not advanced enough to deal with the complex network and big data that is so often needed by a company. If you want to protect your company’s information, and most importantly, the information of your customers, you need to look into big data network security; security that is designed to protect large networks from the most advanced cyber attacks. You wouldn’t leave the door to your building unlocked, leaving your computers and other technology vulnerable, so why would you do the same for your data? A secure network creates a safe company,and a safe company creates a trusted brand. So  it is time to protect your brand.

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