Android Chief Andy Rubin will steps down from his post

Andy Rubin the chief of Android will be stepping down from his post and will be replaced by Sundar Pichai. Larry Page, Google’s CEO announced and confirmed this news on the company’s blog.

The reasons behind Andy Rubin dropping his duties as Android chief have not yet been confirmed as Larry Page fails to comment on the matter. However Andy Rubin was assigned to a different Google project that also has not yet been disclosed. Sundar Pachai who has been in correlation with the The Google Chrome and Apps project, will take the charge in leading Android as it’s chief.

The Google Chrome and Apps project which consists of many factors such as Gmail, the Chrome internet browser, Calendar, Docs, Drive, and the operating system is being led by Sundar Pachai. Thus by taking on the added job of being Androids chief, he will have his work cut out for him.

The statistics of Androids relationship with Google have been more than just good, considering the 60 manufacturers Android has provided to Google, and the 750 million devices out of which 900 thousand are being used on a daily basis. Andy Rubin had taken good care of Android, with almost 25 billion apps being downloaded by users, he now leaves it in capable hands.

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