God of War: Ascension Exclusive Review

As the God of War franchise started to go with every installment, it seemed to many that it was just a retelling of the old Greek myths with an added factor of grotesque violence. That may very well be the case but this hack and slash game has been one of the most prominent games of all time. With the release of God of War: Ascension on March 13th of 2013, fans have only expected the best from God of War, and they sure have delivered well. The game still follows on the cliches of Greek Mythology, but that doesn’t change the fact the experience of playing as Kratos is exhilarating. However this time you take a journey into Kratos past when he was a fledgling yet still very powerful spartan under the rule of Aries, the God of War. Let’s take a look at some of the aspects of the game.


The gameplay of God of War: Ascension has remained more or less the same as compared to the previous additions. The collection of gruesome methods of killing your enemies has increased; ripping, shredding, and rending through the bodies of countless beings to achieve a goal which serves no actual purpose to the barbaric ways in which Kratos slices through his enemies. The old method of increasing hit points and magic points is back, by collection five gorgon eyes or five phoenix feathers. The enemies emit red orbs when they are slain which you will have to collect in order to upgrade your weapons. The multi player mode has taken a shift change as well, with color coding being heavily implemented. Your enemies will flash several different colors to indicate different things that are going to happen. An enemy will flash red when he is about to use an attack that is unblockable, an enemy will flash white when it is invulnerable to attack, and finally an enemy will flash yellow if he is vulnerable to a counter. Basically the multi-player system will work on quick reaction times and know what is happening around you.


The graphics of God of War: Ascension are no joke, with rich colors and vivid backdrops and blood filled battles, the game has a lot to offer to the amazement of eyes. The grotesque battle scenes are not for the ill of heart, with decapitation, disembodiment, and insane amounts of bloodshed taking up most part of the game. In one instance while you are fighting a juggernaut with an elephant head, a mini game occurs in which the beast frantically claws at you and you are required to dodge each attack while stabbing furiously at its head. At the end of this mini game, you use an unhinged attack that breaks the juggernauts skull open, revealing a soft twitching brain that goes lifeless as you stand upon the carnage you have just wreaked upon the beast. Overall the vividness of the gore is somewhat daunting at times and hence so satisfying to play.


God of War: Ascension is a must play game, though it brings nothing new to the table as compared to its predecessor. It is just a great time to be had whilst controlling Kratos in the times of the Greek Gods. The games mundane puzzle solving are however a drastic change of pace and they don’t offer much challenge either. A lot of crate pushing and rock climbing are coming your way in the puzzle feature of the game. However in the later stages of God of War: Ascension the puzzles surprisingly get trickier and much more challenging, which was a refreshing thing to see. All in all the game hasn’t lost its charm as of yet, but lets see how much longer the God of War franchise can keep pushing out games on the same formula.

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