Three Major Releases for Playstation 3 this March including God of War Ascension

As news of the Play Station 4 has finally come to light, the Play Station 3 is about to release many titles everyone’s been waiting for. Between March 10th to the 16th, God of War Ascension, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 and downloadable content for Dead Space 3 will be available in stores, and perhaps the Play Station store as well.

God of War: Ascension has been on everyone’s to play list for quite some time now. The God of War franchise has rarely ever disappointed, with its grotesque imagery, vivid backdrops and compelling story line. Much is expected from God of War: Ascension and you can bet that it’s a title that no one would want to miss. Being a Play Station exclusive, God of War: Ascension will not be available to the masses and this might be the only let down there is.

God of War: Ascension has to cater to many expectations set by its massive fan base. Titles such as Dead Space 3 have continued expanding their game play and content. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 being a multi-platform release has little to worry about when it comes to satisfying the needs of its fan base. The first person player formula is one that is very hard to mess up and Sniper: Ghost Warrior 1 got it right. Let’s hope that Ghost Warrior 2 is just as endearing as its predecessor.

This week in March is turning out to be quite a big deal for Sony and the Play Station console. News has been flying around about the Play Station 4, and massive title releases are just around the corner. As it stands there are only good things to look forward to in the console world and we can only hope that it remains this way.

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