Apple’s New Innovation iWatch

Apple’s innovation knows no bound, which is not surprising since they are the leading sellers of all things related to smart phones and tablets. News has been circulating about Apple working on the iWatch. A new product in Apple’s already ever growing arsenal of money making products. The iWatch will boast a lot of features, such as monitoring your heart beat wirelessly and doing everything the iPod can.

Speculation has been circulating rampantly, and nothing is clear about the iWatch. However it is common knowledge that applications such as Siri and FaceTime video chatting will be available. It is also speculated that the operating system will be a voice command operation instead of the screen interface.

The implications of releasing such a unique product are unknown; even Apple’s fans are split when it comes to the iWatch. Some say that it is a waste of resources to release a product that will only cater to fitness junkies. While others say that it is an innovative piece of technology that will further ease the lives of people who require information and social updates as soon as possible.

Whatever the case may be, Apple is set to release the iWatch and even though no date is confirmed as of yet, be sure that it will be in the near future. Whether or not the iWatch replaces the iPod in terms of entertainment value is still a question that is left to be answered and discussed.

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