Fujitsu achieve 100 Gbps of data transfer by using conventional components

With the need for more increased speeds in data transmission, a technological firm named Fujitsu has created a device that will achieve 100 GBPS transfer rates using traditional components. This comes as a great stride in making lives more easier with information rocketing in an out between the Cloud storage system.

Upgrading speed transmission usually means coming up with new components that will be compatible with the higher speeds. Modulation and demodulation methods being used today limit the amount of speed of data transmission that can be upgraded. However Fujitsu has managed to find a loophole and create a means by which 100 GBPS transfer rates can be possible through the use of conventional components. Fujitsu Laboratories and Fujitsu R&D Center created and are now using a Discrete Multitone (DMT) modulation/demodulation method which uses digital signal processing (DSP) to transfer information at 100GBPS in traditional components that previously had only 10 GBPS transfer rates.

By adding a four channel optical transceiver to the technology Fujitsu has created, transmission rates of 400 GBPS will be made possible. This will be highly efficient in this technology and information based era that we are living in. To better accommodate the needs of cloud services data centers will need these kind of transfer rates to handle the mass storage and data shifting.

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