Google Reader Service will terminate in July 2013

Search Engines giant Google has announced that the Google Reader service will end on July 1st of 2013. This news has upset many people across the internet who have been regular users of the Google Reader service. Google has claimed that they are ending the Google Reader due to it’s declining service, however the Google Reader attracts more traffic than Google Plus.

Petitions have been set up across the internet against the inevitable demise of Google Reader. One of the users who signed the petition, Mathew Chellew writes, “This is my newspaper. This is how I learn about things to talk about with my friends and colleagues during the day. This is worse than the near-extinction of paper news for people who want to be informed and learn.”

Even though Google has claimed that the reason behind ending the Google Reader is due it’s declining use, analysts and experts have said that this is Google’s move to get more users to shift to Google plus. Which will allow Google to track their users more conveniently than before.

Farhad Manjoo of Slate, has a more optimistic approach to the demise of Google Reader. Explaining how we should hold more value to the apps and softwares that we currently use. Farhad Manjoo said “It’s not a good idea to hook up with every great app that comes along, even if it’s terrifically innovative and mind-bogglingly cheap or even free”. This goes to prove that users should be suspicious of softwares that are being given away for free. Considering the fact that softwares are expensive and require experts for developing them.

Whether or not removing Google Reader will benefit Google in the long run, we can be assured that new methods of acquiring information will be created. Also alternatives to the Google Reader are already present such as the Old Reader.

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