Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs Officially Released by Samsung

The unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is finally at hand while spec leaks and spec sheets are running rampant across the internet. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is set to take Apple off its throne as the leader of the smart phone world. The launch date for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is set to be on March 14th 2013 in New York. Samsung Unpacked episode 1 is the official title of the unveiling event.

Confirmed specs include the following:

A five inch screen measured diagonally that offers 440 pixels per inch. An eight core 1.80 GHz exynos 5 processor as well as a 13 mega pixel front camera and a 2 mega pixel rear camera. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is encased in a shiny plastic body. According to recent growth rates Android will also be the first to set the one million app record. Speculation also includes that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will include wireless charging, while this may sound unprecedented to many it is not anything new. Nokia’s Lumia 920
uses a similar piece of technology that allows wireless charging. However as it stands the speculation circling the Samsung Galaxy S4 is high, and most of the spec sheets being released for the Samsung Galaxy S4 highly vary from each other. If there are surprises however, do know that they will only please the masses.

The specs of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will easily overcome the specs of the iPhone 5, which is not surprising as Samsung is keen to overthrow the sales record of the iPhone 5. Now it’s just a matter of time as everyone waits for this highly anticipated phone. Expect the Samsung Galaxy S4 to be up for sale around mid-April.

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