Nokia Lumia 925 Vs Nokia Lumia 920

After celebrating huge success of Lumia 920, Nokia has recently added a new model in its Lumia range with some enhanced configuration and features. Let’s us have a comparison between the specifications of both the devices.


Nokia Lumia 925 Vs Nokia Lumia 920

The chassis:

If you look at the chassis, the new Lumia 925 has different size of Screen with 129 x 70.6 x 8.5 mm dimensions. It is quite lighter as well at 139 gm as compared to Lumia 920 which has a 130.3 x 70.8 x 10.7 mm dimension and weighs 185 g. Thus Lumia 925 win over 920 as it is easy to handle and sports pocket-friendly screen.

The Screen technology:

The Lumia 925 features AMOLED Capacitive touch screen while 920 has IPS LCD Capacitive touch screen. The later technology doesn’t offer brighter color contrast ratio as AMOLED, hence, once again Lumia 925 wins over 920. Rest all other display features like Size, Protection and Multitouch Features are quite same on both the devices.

The storeroom:

Nokia Lumia 920 comes bolstered with 32GB of internal memory storage space while Lumia 925 is packed with 16GB. Both have 1GB of RAM and both come with rigid miscroSD card that can’t be further expanded. Hence, this time Lumia 920 wins the race in terms of internal storage.

Data connectivity:

More or less, all the connectivity options like GPRS, WLAN, EDGE, NFC, Speed and USB are quite similar, but the difference lies in the version of Bluetooth. Lumia 925 has 3.1 version while Lumia 920 has 3.0. The 3.1 version is likely to transfer files more rapidly. Thus, Lumia 925 wins the battle again as it can transfer files in short span of time.

Shooter and snapper:

Both the handsets contain similar camera configurations whether it’s a primary or secondary Camera including the advanced camera features like Carl Zeiss Optics pure view, Geo tagging, touch focus, image stabilization technology, and many more.

Power back-up:

When it comes to battery back-up, both the phone uses Li-Ion 2000 mAh battery with slight modifications, that is, Lumia 920 uses BP-4GW, offering standby time of about 400 hrs for both 2g/3g while 925 uses BL-4YW, offering standby time of about 440 hours for both 2g/3g. Talking about the talktime, Lumia 925 offers around 18hrs for 2G & up to 12hrs for 3G. On the contrary, in case of Lumia 920, it’s 17hrs for 2G and 10hrs for 3G. Considering the standby time and talktime, Lumia 925 again wins the battle.

Common Features:

If you look at the common features like Chipset, OS, Java, CPU, GPU, Messaging, Sensors, Browser, GPS and so on then you will realize that all these features are quite similar in both the cases. The only difference lies between the radio and colors. Lumia 920 has almost similar common features except having radio while 925 have it. Secondly, with Lumia 920, you can have a different set of colors like Black, Red, Yellow, Gray, White, etc. While Lumia 925 doesn’t have similar color sets as of 920. It comes in three different colors like White, Black and Gray.


On the basis of above mentioned points, it’s clear that new Lumia 925 is much better than Lumia 920. Since, price is also one of the factors that differentiate them. You can check out for Lumia 925 price and Lumia 920 price. Thus, keeping almost the same screen size, OS and general layout, Nokia has given the Lumia 920 a considerable overhaul to address some of its limitations.

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