5 Ways Writers Can Adapt Traditional Marketing Strategies To Be Successful In Online Channels

Being a successful writer is one of the most difficult things a person will do. You have a lot of things that can easily go against you, so you need to make sure that your marketing strategies are flawless. You can take some of the strategies used by physical businesses and adapt them to work for you. These are generally always a good idea because they are tried and tested and known to be affective.

Build a Website

Every business today has a website. Since you are a writer, you also want a blog attached to this. You will brand yourself with these so be sure that they stick close to your writing work. You will want to blog at least twice a week to keep those who follow you interested. Your website and blog should tell your followers about you. You want to let them know about new things that are happening, what you have accomplished in the past and about you in general. Things like a biography and where to find your other writing should absolutely be implemented.

Do a Newsletter

Your followers will want to know when to expect your next masterpiece and a newsletter is a great way to keep them informed. A monthly newsletter is enough for writers because the way the market works, a weekly newsletter would be too much. Think about how often you truly put out a new book or major article. This is not a daily, or even weekly, thing for almost all writers. If your newsletters come out too often, people will get bored. Now, in your newsletter, you want links to your past work, such as where to buy past books, an update on when your next book or article will be out and how to follow you on various social media platforms.

Social Media

All successful businesses today are using social media. This allows you to interact with your followers, keep them informed on what is happening, host contests and get ideas about what your followers really want from you. This is a marketing strategy that pulls double duty because it also allows you to do market research on those that follow you, the market in general and how to best tackle any issues that are uncovered. You should update your social media sites at least twice a week and always let your followers know about new developments in your career.

Create a Trailer

Many physical businesses are using video sites to create mini commercials about their products and services. This is free which is a big benefit when compared to paying for an actual television commercial. You can make a trailer for your book. You have surely seen these on television for the major book releases that are coming out. This would be on a video site and you could share it on your blog, website and social media pages.

Host an Event

Physical businesses have sales and promotions and you can take advantage of ways to appreciate your customers too. You can do book signings where you live at local bookstores. If you have some extra money, you can do a little traveling to do some additional book signings elsewhere. The bookstores you are doing the signings at will promote this for you and it is a good way to get your writing out in different local markets.

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