Common Video Marketing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Video marketing is an integral and very powerful part of the entire range of online marketing systems and services. Furthermore, in recent years, it has become more important than ever as access to convenient, quick and attention grabbing self promotion on the social networks proliferated. This is because these very networks are ideal for video distribution and the mix of the two provides an amazing opportunity for online advertisers.

However, before and after starting out on a video campaign, maintain these several dangers and risks in mind.

1. Low Video and Audio Quality

The single most important mistake to avoid with your video marketing campaign productions is low video and audio quality. No matter what else you do with your videos, no matter how informative they are or how good your message is, if your video is too shaky or blurry to let anyone see anything clearly or your audio too fuzzy to let your audience clearly hear what you have to say, viewers will completely lose interest. A business owner who can’t even be bothered to create decently professional videos won’t inspire much trust in anything else they’re offering.

How to Avoid: Invest in good video editing software, a high quality camera and professional sound recording technology, use them and perfect your videos constantly until they sparkle with professionalism. Or, you can hire a team of professional video editors to do it all for you.

2. Lack of Consistency

Video Marketing is mainly about brand creation and promotion. This means that your videos will need a set of distinct rules and structure to follow if they want to achieve this. They’ll also need to stick to the same exacting standards every time. If what you’re producing is all over the place and one day has one kind of quality while suddenly taking a downturn on the next video, you’ll lose viewer respect. Also part of maintaining consistency is creating a unique style that is distinctly yours; by being inconsistent, you’ll fail to do this and lose a lot of recognition or simply not stick out in the minds of viewers.

How to Avoid: Create several different video flow plans and film based on them; test out each video separately to see which one garners the most views (this is called split testing) and stick with that video style for all of your presentations unless you find something that works even better through experiments.

3. Creating Commercials Instead of Viral Videos

Video marketing is not about creating slick commercials for your business! The internet is already full of video, audio and all other kinds of commercials. Viewers are mostly sick of them and won’t pay attention to a video commercial for more than a few seconds. What you have to create are informational videos that engage your audience, offer them something useful such as tips or tricks on a niche subject and build trust with your audience. They need to do all of this before ever getting around to their sales pitch.

How to Avoid: It’s pretty simple; again, your videos should not simply be typical advertisements for your business, and they need to be mechanisms for building trust in you as someone who has quality to offer. Prepare an information themed show for each video well in advance.

4. Measuring Success by Number of Views

It’s easy to get excited after seeing your page views shoot up from just a few to several hundred or even several thousand over the days that follow your video posting. This is perfectly understandable but it’s important to realize that the real metrics you’re after are click through and sales conversion rates. If over a thousand people view your video but only 10 click through from the video to your website and of those 10 no one buys, your video view numbers aren’t worth much; you’re doing something wrong with your video promotion. On the other hand, if you post a video with just 100 viewings but half of them visit your page and 20 buy, that video is going to be your real success.

How to Avoid: Split test different versions of the same video series to see which ones create the highest sales conversions and click-throughs, go with those.

5. Posting all your Videos to Youtube

Youtube is by far the most popular online video sharing forum of all. However, it isn’t the end-all and be-all of video marketing. There are a number of other smaller but more professional video sites also available and they should be used. Posting everything onto Youtube not only endangers your entire video marketing campaign in case your Google account is suddenly shut down; it also limits your circle of video audiences unnecessarily

How to Avoid: It’s really quite simple: Disperse your video marketing efforts more widely and don’t be afraid to use new and different video services.

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