How Can Small Businesses Increase Online Sales Through Responsive Web Design

In this world where the cell phones and Smartphones rule the roost and the use of tabs is continually growing in terms of commerce activities, and small business owners who wish to take their business to the next level need to cater to that market which is using these gadgets and have three different websites for mobile, tabs and desktop which is highly unfeasible. If you are stuck in this dilemma and cannot understand what to do with your websites and use them to increase your sales, then here is a viable solution to your problem which will make things much easier- Responsive web design. The responsive web design is really helpful as you get the highest amount of traffic on these sites as they serve as an all-in-one deal for your websites and also cater to one of the biggest concerns of small businesses, which is to get more conversions.

What is Responsive Web Design?

The responsive web design is basically coding and designing your website in such a manner that it adapts itself to any device it is being run on, regardless of the screen size or other specifications. The websites adapts itself according to the grid and provide the cell phone and tab users a good website experience. Mentioned below are reasons how responsive web design will help small businesses in improving their conversions.

Increase Online Sales

Increase Online Sales

What are Conversion Rates?

Conversion rates are basically the number of times a potential buyer come to your site and actually convert by using your service and buying a product. Selling your product after someone comes to your websites and checks out the product are a task in it self, and you cannot expect that to happen just like that. Every business needs to take measures in terms of making their website better for more conversions (more sales) and responsive web design can really help us make our pursuit of selling more products in an easier manner.

How Will Responsive Web Design Help?

Imagine yourself to be a buyer who has accessed a website with his tab, and the website is a general desktop one, which now is causing trouble in the opening as the images aren’t clear and the grids and this size of the page isn’t in sync with the size of the screen. This is something which will annoy any user and the first reaction to this will be going to another website which sells similar products and also provides a better user experience. This means a website which hasn’t been converted into a RWD one is going to make you lose your conversions.

Responsive design also helps in reducing the skepticism and objections of the consumer. Online users aren’t very sure about the security and transaction processes online, and a small business would suffer even more as nobody knows them, they do not have a brand name, and the credibility is low. In order to establish this credibility, you need to eliminate all the things which raise questions and doubt in the minds of buyers who come to your website, and this can be done with the help of responsive web design. Once they feel that everything is smooth and they do not feel any friction in the functioning of the website, the conversion rates are likely to go up.

The third reason why responsive web design helps in higher conversion rates is, due to one site which you have for your business, your traffic isn’t getting divided into different sites, and just one site is catering to all the users. Now you do not have to manage 3 sites and put all your focus on one, which will help you in managing things better and providing your customers with an easier shopping experience. This way your conversion rates too will improve.

To conclude, we have seen that responsive web design can be easily used to provide an overall excellent user experience in terms of functionality, site performance and a more smooth navigation through the website which you have, which will definitely help you in converting more potential; buyers into active buyers and ultimately help you increasing the conversion rates for your small business.

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