How To Target Your Clients Through Email Marketing

The process of effective email marketing is a mystery to some businesses as they are caught in the vicious cycle of either recycling old email messages or using content that is irrelevant to their brand. Some businesses have great news to share but recipients may send their emails to the trash because the headlines appear to be spam-like or vague. Getting the right messages to clients and customers is important to not only a brand’s reputation but also a way to grow and have increased sales.

Save Your Money

Although there are services and software that can manage emails for marketing purposes, coming up with marketable content is actually a task that is more about organization than technology. Getting a system together first will not only save time but money that can be invested elsewhere.
By sorting through your current customer base, you can record their past purchases and sort accordingly. If your business does not offer goods or services for sale, then you can find common interests by sorting through comments they have made or even their social media accounts where they have become a friend or follower.

Keep a Log

Keeping records of this information and sorting it in a database so that it can be accessed for future use will save a lot of time and energy. You can also use this data to utilize no-cost promotional tools such as send birthday greetings, create lists based on other interests or for web content use and other marketing campaigns.

Create Interesting Content

This may appear to be subjective to some but here is something to keep in mind when drafting an email to send to a specific group. They may be working people with little time to spare and maybe they may open their email during breaks at work. By using an email subject headline that gets right to the point, or shares a benefit such as a discount on items you are selling, there are likely to open it at that moment. Once you have an attention-grabbing headline, use the next paragraph to engage or talk about what it is you have to offer. Think of your letter as an elevator pitch where you have thirty seconds to present the best of what you have to share that will draw interest.

Stay Consistent and Fresh

The more you have to share, the more interest you will gain over time. If you have a social media account, you can use email marketing to alert your friends or followers about special sales, podcast or video debuts and other events as they relate to your brand. Another important task besides submitting is monitoring for effectiveness. If you find that no new customers or sales resulted from your last email blast, take time to figure out a new strategy. It also will not hurt for you to see what the competition is doing. By observing and taking note as to how you can tailor this to your brand you should see some results.

Targeting customers via email is not hard but it does take time as well as attention to detail. The potential benefits and ROI are endless if done correctly.

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