SEO And PPC – Which Is Best For Your Business?

The internet is a highly useful set of inter-connected resources that are very useful to all businesses – big or small. Proper utilization of the World Wide Web is the best way you can get your products and services out there. However, for all advertising efforts to be successful, you need to be well versed about search engine optimization. There are 2 ways in which a user can obtain search engine rankings – SEO and PPC. There are four factors affecting these methods: cost, traffic potential, display location and site involvement.


From the term itself, Pay Per Click or PPC, means that you need to pay. Different search engines charge different rates. The biggest search engines are, of course, Yahoo! and Google. Yahoo works like an auction, the highest bidder gets the top position. Prices are set by Yahoo! Google, however, has a more flexible offer. If your business is highly competitive, then it will cost you up to $20 per click. If your business does not belong to an industry with too many competitors, then you may need to just pay up to $0.05 per click.

With regards to SEO, you won’t need to cash out anything at all. This is why SEO experts often term it as free traffic. If ever expenses occur within your own cost framework; for instance, hiring writers, web masters, SEO professionals and the like, it will cost you. If you want a really good website, then you need a bigger investment.

Traffic Potential

As website administrators, your first and most important goal is to make sure the website gains traffic. Now you can either create a campaign and pay for your website to get clicks or you can utilize SEO. SEO is normally a longer process however, and it promises long term results. With PPC, you will need to renew your payments to make sure you stay on top of the search engine ladder, with SEO, you can secure a safe position on top for a longer time thus, ensuring long term website traffic.

Display Location

SERPS means Search Engine Results Pages. This page is the one that you see whenever you key in something on a search engine. Obviously, you will want to land, if not on top, of the first page. It is a dream for all website owners and business owners alike to appear on that page whenever people are searching for their services. Believe it or not, when you make your site appear organically on a search engine through SEO strategies, you will get website visitors more often. Thus, like what was mentioned above, you can be assured of long term traffic. In fact, with contrast to clients who use PPC, SEO users will get clicks 300% more times or even higher than those that use PPC. Thus, it is safe to conclude, that PPC will get you on top faster but SEO will get you on top and make you stay on top longer.

Site Involvement

Creating a website is just step 1. And this first step is already tiring as it is. This is why you need to maximize your website in order to get the results you want. You also need to know that your website is practically useless unless it appears on top of search engine results. So, how do you go about making sure that the use of your website is maximized in order to get these results?

There are many SEO strategies you can use for your website. First of all, learn to use hyperlinks. You can generate a lot of traffic by placing hyperlinks of your website in other sources. You can do this by producing content related to your services and publishing them on websites that are already on top of the search engine results list. Practice SEO as well when writing content for your website. Use commonly used phrases or keywords. Think like a customer when doing this. If you were looking for services online, what would you key in on search engines like Google?

If you own a company that is willing to use money to get to the top right away, then you are the perfect PPC candidate. You can get consistent traffic flow given that your website actually contains useful information that consumers can benefit from. If this is the case, you can be assured that you already have a lot of followers even if you stop your PPC subscription. This will give beginners a boost in website viewers. Thus, make sure that before you start using PPC, you have a solid and awesome website to back it up.

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