The Value Of Content Curation In An Online Marketing Strategy

Falling behind with emerging online trends can be crippling to online marketers and in order to survive in this highly competitive market, it is vital that marketers are up to date with new marketing strategies. One such emerging online marketing strategy is known as ‘content curation,’ and according to Econsultancy, this new promotional approach is one of the six content marketing trends in 2013.

So what exactly is content curation?

Content curation should not be confused with content creation and fundamentally refers to the practice of determining, collecting and presenting content that is focussed on a specific subject for the internet. Whilst content creation is more generic and less focussed on a specific topic, content curation pools relevant information from different resources and delivers it in a concise and easily digestible format.
In providing readers with a refreshing balance of original and third party content that has been blended with a specific audience in mind, content curation helps internet users recognise quality content instead of having to spend valuable time sieving through the masses of mundane and generic content that arrives on the World Wide Web on a daily basis.
Content curation is offered in a variety of formats, including digital magazines, social media newsfeeds, blog links and RSS feeds. This digital content doesn’t necessarily need to be presented in text and can be found in numerous formats, including images, presentations and video.

How can content curation prove advantageous to digital marketers?

In targeting a defined audience, content curation helps readers understand the marketing persona of a company, which in turn can help build up relationships between customers and businesses. Instead of being met with content that is basically skimmed over, in providing specific, quality and focussed content, this defined presentation of content enables digital marketers to a have greater understanding of what their readers desire.
In providing content that is only relevant to a specific topic, content curation with help build up your following and keep readers coming back time and again. This is because a savvy content curation provider has already sifted through all the irrelevant and low quality content, meaning readers can sit back and enjoy reading relevant, quality and appropriate content.

Content curation is increasingly becoming viewed as being an integral component of a content marketing strategy. Whether the content you are striving to create is for a blog, social media news wire, or digital magazine, content curation enables marketers to place original content that has been branded into a specific context in order to meet the demands of a specific audience.

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