Android VS Windows: Which Is Your Choice Of The Two

In today’s era, we give priority thoughts to cost effectiveness as well as budgeting before you think of investing in any project, business or any product which is worthy. Besides, you also strive to have the best performance output from the product or service that you are investing in. In nutshell, you want low costs and high performance to move hand in hand. In this regard, you need to go through an analytical comparison between the two products, so as to understand and know well that what actually serves your purpose. Similar is the case which applies well to the scenario of making selection between Android And Windows phone. What is better than the other and what should be your choice requires you to go through the Android vs Windows study, which is also the subject under discussion in this context.

Android vs Windows

Following reveal points of demarcation between the two most famous operating systems which have thousands of fans and lovers across the world and it is always considered a really hard job to convince the users of one platform to convince them for the other.

Android VS Windows: A Comparative Description

1. Differences In The Variety Of Handsets And Who Captures The Greater MarketShare

Out of the two, the Android phones are capturing the lion’s share as far as the market share is concerned. It is simply because of the reason that the market is littered with the varieties of android handsets which are available with high quality as well as high end features and commendably applications which are supporting them. Popular brands of the Android are Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note II from Samsung. The other popular android phone is the Google’s own, LG-made Nexus 4.

On the other hand, Talking about the latest Windows 8, there are five varieties of the concerned available in the market. However, it does not ever mean something demolishing in behalf of the Windows. Although there are only five notable varieties of the latest kind, yet these are extremely well featured and well equipped with dynamic functionalities that makes it extremely perfect to serve as the high quality high end product for its lovers and are capable to fight against any android available in the market. The credibility goes to Nokia, HTC and Samsung for creating masterpieces and Microsoft whose name says it all.

2. Android Versus Windows: Who Offers Better Apps

In this case also, android wins with more than 700,000 apps while in the case of windows, the last count goes up to 100,000 apps. However, Microsoft is trying hard to exceed the numbers.

3. Android Versus Windows: Who Offer Better Features

As far as the feature of ease in the use is concerned, windows takes the plus points by being extremely user friendly, such that even a child can easily operate it just like that of a toy. On the other hand, as far as the android is concerned, there is a vast variety in the speed and stability of the androids available in the market.

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