Amazon Drops Down The Price of Kindle DX to $379 From $489

Amazon made an announcement about its new Kindle DX large screen e-reader with a much better and upgraded display and the price has been dropping down i.e $379 from $489.

The shipping of new Kindle DX starts from July 7. According to Amazon this time the quality of the screen is 50 percent greater than the previous version.
Now the top searches also attract readers that Apple finally introduced iPad touchscreen tablet, the most interesting part is the size i.e.DX (9.7 inches).

Considering last month, Amazon dropped down the price of its Kindle to $189. On the other hand Barnes & Noble also dropped down the price of its competing Nook e-reader to $149.

Now Amazon is also promoting Kindle with the help of Twitter and Facebook. The DX capabilities also include outstanding zooming.

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