Creating a Brilliant Receptionist Resume that Will Get You Hired

Employers are quite picky when it comes to selecting a receptionist. This is because the person taking this position represents the entire company in front of customers and their main task is to keep everything organized. For these reasons, you need an exceptional receptionist resume.

Receptionist Resume

Technical Aspects

The way in which your receptionist resume looks and the way in which it is organized will affect the employer’s decision to a great extent. That is why you need to ensure that you will achieve absolute perfection.


It is best if you go for a skill-based layout. The reality is that employers value the skills of a receptionist more than her formal training. Hence, after your contact details and your objective, you should have a section with your skills. The skills section should be followed by the one on your work experience and achievements. The education section should be last.


The length of your receptionist resume should correspond to your work experience. The longer you have been working for the longer the resume can be. Still, it should not exceed 2 pages. If you have little work experience, you should not try to stuff irrelevant information just to make it longer. In fact, many employers will appreciate a shorter 1-page job application.


You should go for a basic font without the squiggles which are typical for handwriting. Commonly used fonts like Calibri, Times New Roman and Arial are always a good choice. When it comes to font size, 12 is the ideal option. You can bold only the titles of the sections.


Name and Contact Details

Make sure that your name is spelled correctly. It is virtually the title of your resume so you should definitely use a bigger font for it. You have to provide your current address, landline phone number, cell phone number and email address. You should not include your Skype address or LinkedIn profile details unless this has been explicitly required.


No receptionist resume can go without an objective. It should explain in brief how you will use your skills to bring value to the company that you want to work for. You should be specific about your skills and present yourself in a well-rounded manner. Just ask yourself what kind of person you would hire if you were that particular employer. You should try to be precise when explaining your contribution to the company as well. You should do some research on the respective organization and think about how you can help them do even better.


This section is the major one in a skill-based receptionist resume so you have to organize it perfectly. Make a list of all your technical job-specific skills. You should have another one for your computer skills and a third one for the personal skills that will help you to do the work effectively. It is a good idea if you keep them divided on your resume as well. You can use sections titled “Core competencies”, “Computer skills” and “Additional skills”.

You should try to describe each of your skills with several words. There is no need to back them up. You will provide an overview of your work experience in the following section.

Experience and Achievements

You should list your past employment positions starting with the most recent one. State the name and location of the employer and the time period during which you have worked for them. It is best to use the achievement-based approach when describing your work duties. Just mention how the company has benefited from your performance. For instance, you can write “reduced paper usage by 5% thanks to introducing a more efficient notes taking system”.


On your receptionist resume, you need to list the schools which you attended starting from the most recent one. If you have college education, you do not have to mention your high school. This is especially the case if you are not a recent graduate. You should mention your degree and the year when you obtained it. Unless you have a high GPA which can impress employers, you should not describe your academic performance.

Additional Information

If you have extra room available, you can use it to impress the recruiter with additional information about yourself. It is a goo idea to feature an excerpt of a recent performance review or relevant written reference. You can also describe relevant personal skills which could not fit in the designated section. Just make sure that you do not share any personal details such as your interests and marital status.

Mistakes to Avoid

There are some major receptionist resume mistakes that you should avoid at all costs. The main ones are:

Ignoring employer’s job application requirements – Most employers explain briefly what kind of application they expect. Follow their instructions precisely to ensure that your resume will get accepted. If there is no explicit requirement for attaching a photo, for example, you should not do this.

Typos and grammar errors – These can ruin the good impression that your resume makes in seconds and your application will be rejected automatically. The best way to avoid them is to have two other people check your application before you send it. You should check it yourself as well.

Unprofessional email address – If your email address is cheeky or somewhat promiscuous, your job application stands a high risk of rejection. Generally, it is a good idea not to provide the email that you use for personal communication. You should create a professional one which uses your name.

Fast submission – If you submit your resume within a few minutes after the job ad appears on the website, there is a good chance that it will get rejected automatically. This is because recruiters believe that you cannot customize your application for their specific position in such a short period of time. Hence, they will assume that you are not serious about the job, but are just giving it a try. You should wait for an hour or so before you send them your application. Make sure that the covering letter is customized just like the resume.

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