Volt’s Will Offer 8 Years Battery Warranty

Let me ask you one thing; tell me something about your car’s battery warranty? Is it one year, two years ?. Now you will definitely glad after knowing this, Chevrolet Volt will allow American buyer to offer them eight year warranty for the electric vehicle not only eight years but also 00,000 mile warranty also included on the car’s advanced, it will all happen after the car goes on sale in 2012.

The announcement was made by the Parent company GM at the Brownstown Township battery plant in Michigan.

The eight-year warranty will get hand on all the components of the battery, which is 161 in numbers. So it’s good news for the cars owners.

The specifications of the battery include:

  • 110 kilowatts.
  • 181kg of weight.
  • Range of 310 miles.

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