5 Tips To Find High Quality Local Directories For SEO Link Building

High quality local directories can be very effective tools for SEO link building, and a website owner can easily raise the rankings of a website in the search engine results pages, also known as the “SERPs“, and raise its authority overall by using high quality local directories.

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High Quality Local Directories For SEO Link Building

A High Pagerank

One of the first things to consider when looking for local directories for SEO link building is a high pagerank. Naturally, local directories with a high pagerank will pass much more link juice and authority to a website.

In addition to considering the pagerank of the front page of the local directory, it’s also important to consider the pagerank of the particular webpage that the backlink is being posted on. If the pagerank of this webpage is high, the website will get a high quality and authoritative backlink.

A Local Directory With Detailed Categories

It’s important to choose a local directory that has detailed categories. Detailed categories can allow a website owner to place a backlink in the exact category and niche of the website.

Placing backlinks for a website in a category for a specific niche or field is much more effective than planing backlinks for a website in a general category. In SEO, backlinks that are relevant to the website are weighed much more heavily and are much more authoritative than those that aren’t relevant or those that are only slightly relevant to the website.

Local Directories That Aren’t Overcrowded

Google is now placing a certain amount of value on backlinks that is partially based on how many links a webpage with backlinks already has, and webpages with too many links already may not pass as much link juice as those with few links. When searching for high quality local directories for SEO link building, it’s vital to find local directories that aren’t overcrowded in each category.

If a local directory is overcrowded, the website owner can look to see if a certain category doesn’t have too many backlinks yet, and if it doesn’t, a backlink that is placed in that category is likely to still be very authoritative.

Quick Posting

Some local directories can take weeks or even months to post a new listing, and some only take days or offer instant posting. Finding local directories that offer fast posting of new listings is important, and a local directory that offers fast posting will produce a backlink to a website much more swiftly.

Detailed Descriptions

When posting listings in local directories, being able to post detailed descriptions can significantly improve the relevance and the quality of the backlink overall.

By posting detailed descriptions and a list of keywords with the website in the local directories, the backlink will be much more relevant to the content of the website and the keywords of the website overall, and a higher level of relevance makes the backlink much more authoritative.

When looking for high quality local directories for SEO link building, there are many things to consider. Some of these include a high pagerank, local directories with detailed categories for many different niches, local directories that aren’t overcrowded already, quick posting and detailed descriptions with many keywords.


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