Are Article Directory Submissions Still Valuable?

This article is going to discuss the rather “old school” and “outdated” tactic of article submission as a link-building technique. Historically, article directory submissions were an effective element of any SEO campaign and produced results back in the 1990’s / early 2000’s.

What is Article Directory Submissions?

The art of article directory submission is the process by which an article is written and then distributed across a number of article directory websites in exchange for an external link. Article directories such as EZine and Article Dashboard were hugely successful and high traffic website, based on the large number of content produced on a daily basis.

Traditionally, article directory submission also meant that each article was syndicated and distributed to hundreds of websites, utilising the same one piece of content.

History of Article Submissions

Article directory submissions has been utilised by many SEO agencies in recent times, and one of the most widely used and popular link-building techniques in noughties. It was so popular that these companies built legitimate business models by accepting thousands of articles per day.

However, in February 2011 this all changed due to the search engine giant; Google. Yes, Google implemented an algorithmic update called the “Google Panda”, which aimed at de-valuing these article directories and the links that they provided.

Within 48 hours, these article directories were turned from a top 500 most popular website in the world to a small medium-sized website. These article directories had to change.

Do these Websites Work?

In short, there is little value in submitting your website to these article directories in today’s marketing. The reasons are below:

– Article directories have been heavily penalised by search engines and the authority of these websites have reduced (so the link is not high-quality).

– The article directories have reduced their traffic levels, so any direct traffic will have been reduced.

– Article directories have now changed their business model, ensuring a more strict approach to copyright. So, only one article can now be sent to each directory, meaning no syndication. This increases the cost per link.

As the three reasons above highlights, the article directories have lost their power and authority. Together with the increased cost levels, ensures that article directory submissions as a link-building technique has been de-valued hugely.

Can Article Directories Work?

There has been evidence that article directory submission can and has worked both in the present and past. However, it is not a link-building strategy that will create high quality results and long-term growth. There are certainly better link-building techniques such as guest blogging, competitor analysis, and website outreach that will obtain better results for any website.

However, if websites target some higher quality article directories such as, and; this could see an increase in results (if integrated with a high-quality SEO strategy).

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