Tool For Search Via Search Engine

Many people use search engines in order to keep updated and find their desired searches.

Bing reveals earlier that fair amount of its users i.e.60 per cent is using Bing, just for the latest happenings and in order to update themselves with what going on around them. For this user can use specific feature named “Important Tool”

It also helps those users who uses SEO services in order to get information and updates.

On the other hand also some changes have been made in the home page, now the home page contains Top stories tab and weather prediction as well.

People who just use Bing in order to search local news will get the latest updates. The user may also set their location for the news related to his area or location.

This time the Bing is not only just working on news, but according to Community blog users can also get updates related to shopping, fun and excitement.

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