How Twitter Makes Money

Twitter’s Free – So How Do They Make So Much Money?

With an anticipated profit of $400 million by the year 2013, Twitter is one seriously profitable social media giant. While millions of people frequently post their 140 character mini-statuses throughout the day for free, it’s easy to see why so many people are wondering how Twitter makes money. It’s free to sign up for a Twitter account and free to follow as many people as you choose. You can not only keep in touch with all of your friends, but you can also keep up with what all your favorite celebrities are doing, from the comfort of your own free Twitter account. So, how does Twitter make money if their services are free?

Promoted Tweets

Twitter’s number one money making machine, promoted tweets, are essentially tweeted advertisements. Advertisers pay Twitter to promote their product by giving their tweets special treatment and featuring them at the top of search results, granting them access to over 100 million potential customers. While this is the biggest money maker for Twitter, it is only one of the ways how Twitter makes money.

Promoted Trends

Much like promoted tweets, promoted trends are also paid for by advertisers. When an advertiser pays for a promoted trend, their trend is then bumped to the very top of the Trending Topics list and marked as a promoted trend. Once again, that company gains access to over 100 million computer screens, across the globe.

Promoted Accounts

Advertisers pay to have their accounts featured in the Who to Follow suggestion list, provided by Twitter. Companies with a promoted account pay Twitter a certain amount for every follower they get.

Enhanced Profiles

Enhanced profiles are a new feature to Twitter. Advertisers pay Twitter a couple thousand dollars for the ability to post their company logo and branding on their Twitter page. They can also tweet ad links to their followers.

Twitter Feeds

Search giants like Yahoo and Bing pay Twitter for permission to feature live Twitter feeds on their search pages. This not only allows Twitter to get their face out there and gain more followers, but it allows search engines to offer live feeds concerning the topics people are searching for. This is also how Twitter first began making money.
Like most of the money made online, Twitter’s main income is through advertising. The internet is a large gathering place for consumers. With over 100 million tweeters, companies are willing to pay good money to get their name onto your computer screen. The next time someone asks you, “how does Twitter make money?” tell them to pay attention to the promoted tweets, trends, and visual branding on their Twitter page. Also, know that every time you follow a promoted account, you’re helping Twitter make money.

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