Microsoft Office 2010 Free Download Version with Product Key

Microsoft Office has been the worlds leading software for documentation, accounting, presentations and basic editing for the longest time. Microsoft Office is a collection of easy to use softwares. MS Office 2010 now tailors to users with specific roles instead of aiming at the entire general population. Microsoft Office 2010 comes with the following sub-softwares; Microsoft, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Access, Onenote, Publisher, Infopath, Sharepoint Workspace, Visio, Project and Lync.

The new features introduced in Microsoft Office 2010 are quite many and they now offer a wide array of customization, options and choices for users. The new features in Microsoft 2010 include a screen-integrated capture tool, new SmartArt templates, a background removal tool, and author permissions. The old 2007 office button has now been replaced with a menu button that opens up a full-window file menu which is called the background view.

All of the office applications now have proper jump lists which allow for easier access to recently used files. All the changes that have been made go one step closer to making the Microsoft Office experience a more easier and time efficient one. Previously you would have to sift through different menu drop down tabs to find the one specific option you were looking for. Now the interface and all of its options are completely present in a full menu viewing screen. Improvement in every Microsoft Office Professional instalment is very welcome and Microsoft has once again outdone itself with the Microsoft Office 2010 bundle.


Microsoft Office 2010

MS Office 2010 Different Versions:

Microsoft splits Office 2010 in three different versions which are Microsoft Office 2010 Student Edition, MS Office 2010 Professional Edition, and Business Edition. Student Edition doesn’t ┬ácontain Outlook, Ms Access as mainly it has used for Home and Student purposes. Business Edition doesn’t need MS Access hence Microsoft is too smart cut down this feature from this Edition. Microsoft Office 2010 Professional also known as it’s full version and that’s why it contains all the above features.

Microsoft Office Starter 2010 Free Download:

MS Office Starter 2010 is lightweight version which is available as free but it only contain MS Word 2010 and MS Excel 2010 with visible advertisement. It is also like other freeware word processing software in the market like It includes one exciting by which you can use it’s portable version easily from flash usb drive in Windows Vista or Windows 7.

You can download the Free MS Office Starter 2010 from here.

Microsoft Office 2010 Free Download(Trial Version):

As Office 2010 is a premium software of Microsoft and hence its full version needed a verified licensed that can be purchased from Microsoft Office Official Website. However, Microsoft giving away a ms office 2010 free trial download for 30-days trial version which also can be download from their official website here.

Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key:

After installing Microsoft Office 2010 you need a product key(serial key) for it’s activation via online. The product key comes with a bundle when you purchased MS Office 2010 as mention above after applying that your all product will automatically activate and you can enjoy the full access of MS Office 2010.


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