Apple’s iPad Win Over Google Android

People really enjoyed using Internet or browse Web pages with the help of an iPad, basically an Android-powered device, now analytics firm revealed about the usage date for browser on monthly basis.

Now here are the figures Apple’s iPad contains 0.17 percent of all Web browsers traffic which was tracked down by Net Applications. In June the total traffic of all the Web browsers was 0.14 percent related to iPad.

There is another device named iOS-powered device from Apple. Yes! You are right I am talking about the iPod touch. According to Net Applications in June, 0.12 percent Web browser traffic data associated with iPod Touch.

The iPad is slightly moving up now after the release, getting 0.03 percent in the first month after the release, first it was only available in the US, the figure increased to 0.09 percent, and in the month of June hit the graph at 0.17.

The facts and figures that we discussed earlier, the figures are not indicating that there will be fair amount of iPads users as compare to Android devices. People using Internet on their phones or browse websites, are using iPads.

Releasing in US in April, the iPad has started with low traffic that was tracked by Net Applications. At that time Android and Blackberry had large number of Web browser traffic. But in month of June iPad figures was going high.

Now have a look at Apple’s iOS device, the iPhone. According to Net Applications

iPhone has the most numbers of Web browsers among all i.e. 33 percent. The numbers include Nokia’s Symbian, (14 %), Google Android (6%), BlackBerry(4%), Microsoft’s Windows Mobile (3%).

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