New TwinCore Data Centre In Germany

Managed Application HostingCloud computing is storming businesses around the globe. Businesses large and small are adapting to this fantastic service and eliminating the expense of in-house IT staff. In addition to leaving the maintenance to the cloud host, businesses are drawn to the availability of software that can be uploaded as soon as it comes to market.

Cloud computing is easy, fast and coordinated. It has become so popular that T-Systems, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, is completing a data center that will be the size of 30 football fields. This data centre is designed to accommodate Germany’s large demand for cloud computing services.

T Systems

T-Systems is the IT and telecommunication services wing of the operator group. The data centre is expected to begin operation during 2014. The centre’s capacity will be 150,000m2 and will easily be Germany’s largest centre.

This centre will be located in Biere, Saxony-Anhalt. T-Systems is an experienced enterprise. This new centre will be the company’s 90th data centre. The company already has one functioning data centre in Magdeburg. This centre will be joined with the new centre located at Biere. The Biere – Madgeburg centres will be regarded as the “TwinCore” for T-Systems. The combination will provide high volume capacity and will be the most secure hosting service for Cloud Computing providers and users. T-Systems already has 22 operating centres like the Bier – Magdeburg model.

A member of the Board of Management at T-Systems, Dr. Ferri Abolhassan told reporters last week that companies who use cloud computing pay more attention to availability and protection. With the German Federal Data Protection Act, Germany has a clear advantage (location). The new construction in Biere will become part of our supply and production network. On the basis of this network with data centres in America, Africa, Europe & Asia, we are providing our customers with the most technically advanced IT & cloud technologies across the globe, with the highest availability and security.

The newest T-Systems data centre is also a model for energy efficiency. Total energy costs for operations have been reduced by 27 percent. This is far superior to the existing T-Systems data centres.

T-Systems has become an international leader in data centre development. The company now operates centres in four continents and is looking to grow even further. Such is the growth and popularity of Cloud Computing, the wave of the future.

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