Pirata Boat Race Multiplayer Game For iPhone/iPod Touch

Finally Pirata Boat Race game hits the surface and composed by Pirata London. The game is basically designed to target those gamers who give priority to play games on their iPhone/iPod Touch. The game is based on boat racing and that will really amazed the gamers.

If you really interested in the Pirata Boat Race, all you have to do just logon to official site and download the application for free on your iPhone and iPod Touch and start playing it.

If you want to synch your PC with the iPhone. For this you will certainly have snap a picture of the QR code associated with the iPhone’s camera, after that you have to enter a unique code with the iPod touch.

Now you have your own team, now it’s become a multiplayer game. The slots are available for ten people; ten people will enjoy the game at a time. So what are you waiting for.

People are really excited about the overall progress of the game named Pirata Boat Race, and now you can connect desktop devices with the help of your iPhone/iPod Touch.

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