How To Choose A Two Way Radio For Personal Use

Two Way RadioChoosing a two way radio system for personal use is not as easy as it seems. Individual preferences, budgets and needs must be reconciled before deciding on a system. Here are a few factors that you must take into account before buying a radio system for your own use:

Bells And Whistles

If you’re looking for bells and whistles then you must buy a waterproof radio system that comes equipped with stuff like weather channels, group-mode, hands-free operation, vibrate-mode, direct calling, car adapter, etc., and etc. Such radios cost quite a lot and owning them is like owning a smart phone – you know that there are zillions of functions but you end up using only a few.

The Budget Radio System

If you want an extremely basic radio set, look for a model packed with decent power and a few basic features. If you want to use the radio in densely populated areas, then you must search for a very-low-priced model that is equipped with privacy codes. If such a radio also features a USB charging port, then you have finally discovered the low priced radio of your dreams.

Size Matters?

Are you looking for a teeny-weeny little radio? Look for small-sized radios that work on Lithium batteries, because these batteries are really lightweight. Check if the radio is equipped with other features that you desire. Small-sized radios are not necessarily cheap.

Long or Short Range

If you want to communicate over a long range, look for a system that is equipped with high power. It should be able to transmit over a distance of 2 miles. Such radios come with all the bells and whistles, but there are a few models that cut out 2-3 extra features – such radios come at a slightly lower cost.

Whether You Need The Weather?

If you need weather alerts then look for a two way radio system that not only alerts you about the weather, but also displays the alert on the screen whenever there’s an emergency.

Custom Features

If you are sure of what you need and want custom features then you have no other option but to visit an online two way radio retailer. Many retailers allow you to select the features you want and their site’s algorithm then searches through the radios that are equipped with your desired features.

This is what you’ll want to consider when choosing a two way radio system for personal use. Over and out…

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