Update Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 with Android 4.1.2 JellyBean XXCMC1

The Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 is one of the most innovative tablets of its time and has withstood the test of the fiery competition in the smartphone industry. Just recently the Note 10.1 N8000 got an official firmware update; the Android JellyBean 4.1.2 XXCMC1.

Remember that this update is only for the Wifi+ plus version for the Samsung Galaxy Note with the model number of N8000, do not try this update on any other smartphone or tablet or you will just end up bricking your phone.

We hold no responsibility in whatever may happen to your tablet considering the fact you are well aware of the risks that are present while manually updating software. For those who are clear of the risks and still want to proceed anyway, a number of prerequisites are necessary before starting the actual process of updating the firmware.


First and foremost make sure you have backed up all the data in your phone. You can use the SMS and Backup application to save all of your text messages. Furthermore you can use external devices such as a memory card or portable drive to save all of your entertainment related data. Sync your contact list with the Gmail app and you will have your backup completed. You must also make sure that you have at least 80% power charged in your device.

After you have thoroughly created your backup, make sure that the USB drivers for device have been installed on your computer. After which you must also make sure that the USB debugging option in your phone is activated. You can activate it by going to settings > applications > development and then finally you will see the USB Debugging option which you must activate. Also make sure that your phone is factory unlocked.

Once all of these pre-requirements have been met you can now proceed to the actual updating process.

Updating the Device

Now that you have safely assured that all the requirements have been met you must download the actual update Android 4.1.2 N8000 XXCMC1 Jelly Bean from here. After which you must also download the Odin v1.85 from here which will aid you in the installation of your firmware. After the two files have been downloaded you must put your device in to recovery mode, you can do this by first turning your phone off and then press the volume down and power key and hold them until the green Android robot appears. Once you have successfully put your phone into recovery mode, run Odin on your computer. Connect the table via usb cable while assuring that it is in recovery mode. Once the tablet is successfully connected to the computer one the ID:COM boxes in the Odin software will turn yellow with the respective COM port number. This process takes some time so do not get worried.

Once the process is completed, you must now click on PDA and click on the file which has “CODE” in its name. After which click on the PHONE option and select the file which has MODEM in its name. Now you must Select CSC and click on the file which has “CSC” in its name. Finally click on PIT and select the .pit file. In case the file location is already known you may skip the last three steps.

Now return to Odin and assure that both the Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time options are activated. Use the Re-partition option considering that you are using a .PIT file.  Once you have made sure that everything is in order, you may now click start on Odin. Wait for the process to fully complete and once it is done, unplug your device from the computer and reboot it. Once it restarts your phone will be fully functional on the Android XXCMC1 4.1.2.

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