Why You Should Switch To A Dedicated Server

If you are running an online business or if your business relies heavily on your online website, then you’re no longer a stranger to server problems. If your website problems are becoming more and more frequent, then it’s time for you to think about having a dedicated website server. But what exactly is this kind of server and how is it different from your current web server?

What is a dedicated server?

In a nutshell, a dedicated server is one wherein one server is used to serve an entire network of computers for a sole customer. Essentially, when you are using a dedicated server, you are sure that you are the only one making use of that server and that you aren’t sharing resources with another business or organization.

What are the advantages of using a dedicated server?

Most of the time, dedicated servers are used by larger organizations and businesses for a number of reasons including the following:

Ability to customize freely.

When you are the only organization making use of the server, then you can customize and modify your server according to how you see fit without having to affect or disenfranchise another organization. This does not only involve software modifications but also hardware changes.

Better customer service.

While this is something which differs according to your hosting company, customers who avail of dedicated web servers generally experience better customer service compared to those who avail of the ordinary, shared web server. This is because the host usually works more closely with the customer in order to ensure that the server is meeting all of the specific needs and preferences of the server.

Host several domains on one server.

Another reason for why larger organizations and businesses opt for a dedicated web server rather than settle for a shared one has to do with the fact that they can easily host multiple domains conveniently in one server. This makes dedicated servers especially valuable for organizations with different divisions or if you are a business that has numerous retail chains under your umbrella. When this is the case, it becomes more cost-effective for you to hire the services of a dedicated server instead of hosting of multiple servers. At the same time, hosting from just one server will ensure a uniform level of quality for all of your websites and streamline the features found in every website under your organization.

More Advantages Of Using Dedicated Cloud Server

1) Operating system – cloud servers offer a dedicated operating system and they also support dozens of operating systems. This means that you will not be limited to a specific operating system but instead, you will be able to use the operating system of your choice. This will allow you to use the operating system you are well versed with and one that go one on one with the applications you are using.

2) Software installation – for cloud servers, the server owners are able to remotely perform installation and management of any software application that is compatible with the cloud server.

3) Remote operating system install – you can be able to remotely install an operating system on the cloud server.

4) Remote operating system reinstall – The cloud server supports a remote operating system reinstallation.

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