What is Smart TV? – Working and it’s Features

Although the concept of a “Smart TV” has been around since 1994, only in the recent past five years we have seen these type of TV’s surfacing in the realm of technology. It cannot entirely be defined under a few words. In general, it refers to an assimilation of integrating Internet-connected technologies into a TV set realistically comprising of computer-like features. In todays era, it is a great innovation and all technology enthusiasts should definitely try and get their hands on one. The prices circulating at the moment for these great tv’s are also very appealing and economical.

smart tv

In an attempt to expand on its definition, it can be said that it is any TV with an inbuilt internet access broadening its ability to access a range of online services that include social networking, instant messaging, online gaming and video on demand. Some TV sets have been enhanced to incorporate a full web browser for easy access to maximum websites. The Samsung Smart TV’s also allows you to use apps and play games such as Angry Birds.

Features of Smart TV

It primarily has the following features, though not necessarily all. It’s features may vary according to its manufacturer and by the production date of the TV set. A three year old set will have less features in comparison to a set purchased within this year, nevertheless, they both adopt the same signature name. Hence proving that as time progresses older more obsolete technologies like the radio will die out.

USB Enabled playback: This allows you to connect external media devices such as portable hard drives and USBs to your smart tv and play the files on the device. The format for the videos can be changed on the TV so that you don’t have to get any extra format changing softwares. It plays AVI files on USB type formats very well and in terms of quality there is no degradation. 480p videos are also playable on it though it is recommended that you play Blu-ray videos for the best experience possible!

Games and Applications: Apart from hurling birds off a slingshot or gliding through ancient temples, the Smart TV allows on-demand streaming from popular sites such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and YouTube.

PVR/DVR Functionality: allows the user to schedule and record shows without the use of a separate device. It also provides a vast search engine for media across a variety of sources.

One of the great feature of the smart tv is the built in gesture recognition. This piece of technology will lay waste to the traditional remote control device. With a simple gesture you can pause, forward, play a movie, you can also surf through channels among other things.

Web Surfing: Internet connectivity allowing complete web browsing.

Social Networking: in addition to networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, some commercial sets will also enable Skype video conferencing.

Smartphone Connectivity: with the ability to stream and share content via smartphone, you can now view things on the big screen.

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